Legal warranty

So what is this 2-year legal guarantee?

Of course, we always do our utmost to sell you the best possible product. DoaBuy is committed to quality materials and that is why we always stand behind our products. However, there is always a chance that something is not quite right with a product you bought from us. DoaBuy then follows the legal guarantee of.

The legal guarantee ensures that what we deliver does what it is supposed to do and will continue to do so properly under normal use during the 2-year guarantee period.

Of course, there are also limitations to the guarantee we can give. If you want to use your new sofa as a bouncy castle, that is of course your right, but if it breaks down, there is nothing we can do about it. We can only make products that last for what they are meant for. In this article, we list some of the official exceptions for you.

Important to know is that the warranty period always starts from the day you receive a product. Not the order date, but the date you actually receive the item and can start using it. To claim the guarantee, you must be able to present your order confirmation and proof of payment. That way we know for sure when you bought the item and that it came from us, of course.

When does your guarantee lapse?

In the example of the sofa as a bouncy castle, it's pretty obvious of course. But warranty can lapse or not apply for several reasons. In the following cases, you are not entitled to a (legal) warranty:

You have misused the product or used it where it is not (entirely) meant for and therefore it is damaged.
For example, you bent a fork because you wanted to open a can.

Mechanical damage
Damage caused by pressing, bumping, falling or water is not covered by the guarantee, nor is roller wear.
For example, if you drop a toaster and it no longer works.

Traces of use
Wear and tear caused during use, such as general wear and tear but also discolouration, is not covered by the legal guarantee.
For example, sofa cushions that are exposed to UV light day in and day out and become (partially) discoloured under its influence.

Material characteristics
Also, always check the characteristics of a material when it comes to warranty. Based on different materials, you can expect certain things.
For instance, steel is never guaranteed to rust because steel can always rust, a stone flower pot is never 100% waterproof and a seat will always sag or collapse more or less depending on the material.

Manual not followed
If the manual warns you about possible damage and you go against the warning and the product gets damaged, the warranty will be void.
For example, if you buy crockery that the manual says not to put in the dishwasher and you wash it anyway.

Weather conditions
Damage caused by weather conditions is not covered by the guarantee. Rain, sun and wind can also damage outdoor furniture through discolouration, falling down or water.
Should you have storm and/or water damage, contact your insurance company.