Metal garden furniture

Advantages of steel and aluminium in garden furniture

If you are really looking for garden furniture that is suitable to stay outdoors all year round, metal is the material you are looking for. Metal is a durable and versatile material used to create contemporary yet traditional-looking garden furniture. Metal is perfect for you when you want to enjoy your free time in the garden in comfort and style.

Advantages of metal


Metal is a durable material. Stainless metals or treated metals are resistant to almost all weather conditions. That means you can leave your furniture outside all year round without damaging it. If you go for rustproof, it won't be a problem if it gets wet every now and then from a heavy (summer) rain.


Metals make versatile garden furniture. Metals can be cast or bent into different shapes. That means there are endless possibilities in terms of design. It is therefore almost impossible not to find garden furniture that suits your taste. Another nice thing is that steel garden furniture is available in different colours.

From retro to modern style

Metal garden furniture comes in many designs. Think about a wrought iron look, or a tubular design or just a mesh construction. So it doesn't matter whether your taste is traditional or modern and industrial; there is always steel garden furniture to suit you.

Types of metal

Aluminium garden furniture

Aluminium is a type of material widely used for outdoor furniture. It is a lightweight and durable material that can be used for both traditional and contemporary garden furniture.

Garden furniture made of aluminium is much lighter than garden furniture made of other metals. This makes it easier to move them around when needed. Therefore, it is also a bit weaker than some heavier metals. Fortunately, aluminium is resistant to almost all weather conditions, so you don't necessarily have to put your furniture inside in autumn and winter. Aluminium does not rust in any case. If it is windy, you might want to bring it inside.

Aluminium garden furniture requires little maintenance. As mentioned, the material does not rust and that is a big advantage when it comes to garden furniture. Cleaning is easy and the advice is to do it once a month when your aluminium garden furniture is shining outside. First, wipe your furniture with a lint-free cloth to remove any dirt on top. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and green soap. Take a soft cloth or sponge and clean your furniture. Rinse off your furniture when you have finished cleaning and you can enjoy the sun from your clean aluminium garden furniture.

Steel garden furniture

When you choose garden furniture made of steel, you are choosing sturdiness. This is because steel garden furniture is very strong. They are even stronger than aluminium. This strength also means that they can be quite heavy. That can be an advantage and a disadvantage. After all, your steel garden furniture won't blow over easily, but you won't put it aside that easily either.

Steel is a cheaper material than aluminium and unfortunately it can also rust. The latter is the biggest disadvantage of steel garden furniture. Therefore, steel garden furniture is often coated to protect it from rust. But damage can still cause rust spots. However, rust is not an immediate reason to replace your garden furniture; a new coat of paint and your furniture will probably last for a while.

Steel garden furniture requires little maintenance. Once a year, clean your steel furniture with lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush. It is important that the brush does not damage the coating, otherwise rust may develop. It is best to put your steel garden furniture inside in autumn, just to be on the safe side. It is also wise to check every now and then for damages in the coating and do something about it. This way, you can prevent rust.

Garden furniture made of stainless steel

Since the disadvantage of steel is that it can rust more easily, stainless steel (SS) was invented. This means rust has no chance of spreading. Stainless steel has a natural protective coating, which cannot protect your furniture from rust, but it can stop it from rusting. Still, there's no need to be alarmed now, because the natural protective layer means you can polish away the rust in no time. Stainless steel is a strong material, which is quite expensive because of its protective coating, and it is a relatively heavy metal.

If your furniture is just dirty, you can easily clean it with a bucket of lukewarm water with green soap and a soft cloth. Just rub the cold stainless steel frame and before you know it, your furniture will be shining in the garden again. If some rust does attach to your beautiful furniture, you can easily remove it with a rust remover for stainless steel. Do not use chemical products, as they can damage the natural protective layer.