Quality plastic garden furniture

Advantages of plastic garden furniture

Plastic is a material increasingly used for garden furniture. It is affordable, durable and easy to maintain. Plastic is a material that is easy to work with and is therefore also available in all kinds of styles. It is lightweight, so you can easily move your furniture around and possibly put it inside in autumn.

In general, plastic is a material that can be left outdoors all year round. Plastic garden furniture can withstand storms and rain just fine, as well as UV rays. Plastic can neither rot nor rust, making it last a long time. And cleaning is a breeze, all it takes is a bucket of lukewarm water and a soft cloth to make your furniture shine again. Fancy your beautiful new furniture? You could also consider putting a cover over the furniture so it is not completely exposed to the elements. Because it doesn't rot, it won't hurt the furniture's ability to breathe. In that case, do take the cushions inside. But that applies to all garden furniture, of course.

Interested in plastic garden furniture? We list the properties of the different types of plastic for you.

Synthetic garden furniture

HPL plastic

HPL is a fairly new plastic, which is not yet very well known to many people. It is a material made of several layers of paper or fabric impregnated with resin. Heating this under high temperature creates HPL.

Garden furniture made of HPL is resistant to heat, moisture and wear and tear. This makes it a perfect material for outdoor use. HPL is available in many shapes, colours and textures. The material is very easy to maintain; it can be cleaned with just a little soapy water and a cloth. So perfect if you have little time to maintain your outdoor furniture.

✅ Many shapes and textures available
✅ Weatherproof
✅ Dirt does not adhere
✅ Wear-resistant
✅ Low-maintenance
➖ Heavy material


Rope garden furniture is far from being made of natural rope. Rope gives a unique and natural look and is a comfortable material, which adapts to your body. Rope is only made of polyester or polypropylene, materials that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, they do not fade and mould has no chance of settling in rope garden furniture.

Rope is a strong material that will last for years. It does require some maintenance; in fact, the rope strands may need to be re-tied or stretched. Often, the rope is tied around an aluminium or steel frame and is under high tension.

Clean your rope garden furniture with soapy water and a brush. A quick rinse and you can enjoy your comfortable garden furniture again.

✅ Very sturdy material
✅ Natural looking
✅ Weatherproof
✅ Easy to clean and quick drying
➖ May sometimes need to be re-tied or re-tensioned


Wicker is a plastic material very similar in appearance to the natural rattan. Wicker is only a low-maintenance variant of rattan. While rattan is less resistant to different weather conditions, wicker is a material that can stay outside all year round.

Wicker is resistant to rain, wind and storms, does not fade in colour and mould will not attach to it. Wicker garden furniture requires little maintenance, although it must be said that in case of frost, it is better to leave the material alone to prevent the wires from breaking.

✅ Natural looking
✅ Weatherproof
✅ Low-maintenance
✅ Light weight yet sturdy material
➖ Rarely foldable or stackable furniture


If you opt for garden furniture made of PVC, then you are getting a synthetic but durable material. Durable in the sense that it will last a long time and will not need to be replaced any time soon. The material is lightweight, cheap to buy and weather-resistant.

PVC furniture is easy to move and can be left outside all year round. PVC is easy to keep clean; a bucket of water with green soap and a soft cloth and before you know it, your furniture is shiny again. One of the great features of PVC is that it offers many possibilities in terms of appearance. Wood, for instance, is easy to imitate with PVC. So it does have the look of wood, but not the disadvantages: maintenance and roughness due to the weather. Because there are so many possibilities with PVC, there is always an affordable brand or model that suits your needs and wishes.

✅ Many shapes and textures available
✅ Weatherproof
✅ Low-maintenance
✅ Light weight
✅ Cheap
➖ Mostly of lesser quality


Polywood is a plastic that has the appearance of real wood, but is actually designed to stand outside. It is therefore a genuine outdoor material and therefore perfect for garden furniture.

Polywood is made of high-density polyethylene. This is almost indestructible and is therefore resistant to rain, wind and snow. The advantage is that you can easily leave your furniture outside all year round.

Polyword requires little maintenance in contrast to wood, which, among other things, is in danger of rotting or cracking. Polyword also does not need a new lick of paint. The only underhousing is occasional wiping with water with some green soap.

✅ Natural looking
✅ Weatherproof
✅ Dirt does not adhere
✅ Light weight yet very sturdy
➖ Cheaper versions are more likely to sag and discolour
➖ Not resistant to extreme heat such as from cigarettes