Wooden garden furniture

Advantages of wood and different types of wood

Wood is a perfect material to use in your garden. Not only in garden decoration, but especially in the garden furniture itself. Wood is a natural and versatile material that is both stylish and functional.

It gives a warm look to your garden and is often of better quality than plastic. So your wooden garden furniture lasts longer than a lot of plastic. Here are all the advantages

Benefits of wooden garden furniture


Wood is a durable material that can withstand basically all weather conditions. You can therefore use it well outdoors. If you maintain your furniture properly, it can last a long time. It immediately makes it a good investment that is good for the climate because you don't have to keep replacing your furniture.


Wood is a versatile material. It can be used for all types of furniture; whether you are looking for a lounge set, sofa, chair, dining table, lounger or hanging chair, there is always a wooden variant to be found. This makes it easy to find furniture that meets your specific needs and preferences. And wood also suits every mood and garden because it is a natural material. Different shades and types of wood always match each other, while a grey and black set made of spray-painted plastic quickly looks like a cobbled-together mess.


Wooden garden furniture is comfortable to sit on. Many wooden furniture pieces have armrests, backrests and cushions. This makes them perfect for relaxing in and enjoying time with family and friends.

Wood is also a warmer material than plastic.

Environmentally friendly

Wood is more environmentally friendly; it may be a product that comes from nature, and that is not so environmentally friendly. But while the trees are growing, CO2 is still converted into oxygen instead of being made into plastic, which in turn generates waste.

Wood is also a material that requires little processing before it can be used, which makes it environmentally friendly. Certainly the harder woods require little attention and resources.

Wood types used in garden furniture

Of course, there are a hell of a lot of different types of wood that can be used for garden furniture. All with different properties. Softer types of wood are cheaper to buy, but they do not last as long and do not look as good as harder woods.

Most of DoaBuy's garden furniture is made of acacia or teak because of the rock-solid quality of these types of wood. DoaBuy goes for affordable quality! It's better to spend a bit more on your garden furniture and enjoy it for years to come, than to have it turn green after just one season and have little pulls that stick to your clothes.

Garden furniture made of acacia wood

Acacia wood is a very beautiful wood from which many garden furniture pieces are made. It comes from the acacia tree, which grows in Australia and Africa.

Acacia is often used for furniture because of its beautiful grain patterns and water resistance. Acacia wood is yellow to light brown in colour with a slight reddish tinge. Acacia wood is a wood species that radiates a lot of warmth, which makes it perfect for making (garden) furniture. Acacia wood is a strong and heavy wood species. It has a long lifespan and is very solid, so it does not blow over easily in the garden. In addition, its look is trendy and fits in with any garden design; wood is also easy to combine with other furniture.

Garden furniture made of acacia wood is easy to take care of. All you need is a bucket of lukewarm water and a soft cloth to clean the wood. Your wooden garden furniture will be clean in no time. Recommended: use coasters on your table to avoid rings and treat the acacia wood annually with furniture oil to keep it like new for longer. You nourish the wood and dirt is less likely to be absorbed.

Garden furniture in teak

More famous than acacia is teak. Teak is considered a luxurious type of wood. It is a type of hardwood that comes from the teak tree. This tree grows in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, among other places.

Many people like teak because it is beautiful, durable and versatile. Teak wood is almost indestructible. That is, it is highly resistant to rotting, insect damage and it actually virtually does not decay as a result. Another reason why teak is so popular is due to the simple fact that it is a very beautiful type of wood! Teak wood has a unique and rich grain pattern. You can see this even more clearly after a coat of stain. Either way; teak gives your garden a luxurious look.

Like acacia, teak requires little maintenance. In a hot and dry summer, it is wise not only to water your plants, but also to wet your teak garden furniture from time to time to prevent cracks from drying out in the wood.

Also, when you go to clean your teak garden furniture, first make sure it is completely soaked; as this will open up the pores of the wood. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a cup of table salt. Dip a coarse brush into the water and scrub your wooden garden furniture clean with the brush. Do this in the direction of the grain. After brushing, rinse off the teak and your garden furniture can last for a while again.