Sanal relax dog >20 kg 15 tablets

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Helps to calm down during fireworks, thunderstorms, anxiety and stress.
To prevent motion sickness.
100% natural.
Suitable for dogs over 20 kg.

Sanal Relax is 100% natural and helps to calm down during fireworks, thunderstorms, anxiety, stress and motion sickness. The active ingredient L-Tryptophan (amino acid) provides a natural calming effect without making your dog, cat or rabbit drowsy. In addition, Sanal Relax helps to prevent hyperactivity and excessive barking in dogs. Give the tablets whole or crumbled with the normal food. In very stressful situations, if possible, start administering 3 to 4 days earlier, so that the active substances can be absorbed sufficiently.

Contains 15 tablets.

Recommended dosage:
Dogs 20 - 40 kg: 2 tablets, 2x per day
Dogs 40 - 60 kg: 3 tablets, 2x per day.