Polarbox pop coolbox 20 liter pink

€ 36,95
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The most colorful coolbox of all Polarboxes is this Pop model! The shoulder strap and letters have the same color for the perfect look! The Polarbox Pop is available in 5 different pastel colors: Mint, Pastel Yellow, Pink, Lilac and Pastel Blue. One of these main colors is mixed with a second beautiful pastel color for the shoulder strap and letters.

The Polarbox has a user-friendly size of L30xH26xB44.5 cm. The coolbox has a capacity of 20 liters in which you can keep about 30 cans cool. Of course you can also use it for snacks and other drinks.

The shoulder strap is made of leather which makes it very sturdy and durable. The shoulder strap has 2 different lengths. You can hold the Polarbox firmly by hand on the short position or you can hang it over your shoulder if you make the strap longer. Thanks to the sliding plastic carrying surface, the carrying strap does not cut into your hand or shoulder. Length short: 50cm, length long: 85cm

Still looking for something to make your Polarbax extra trendy? Check out our Polarbox fancy shoulder strap tie dye. This fancy strap not only makes your coolbox even more beautiful, but also makes carrying it extra comfortable! The strap is 94cm long.

Please make sure you order the right color strap for your Polarbox. Order the same color fancy shoulder strap as the color of the letters on your Polarbox. This way the color of the strap attached to your cooler will match the color of the fancy shoulder strap.