Moderna kitten litterbox plastic 43x30,7x12,2 cm grey

€ 6,75
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The Moderna 42 cm kitten box with rim is an open toilet bowl for kittens, but is also suitable for other small pets. Think of rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. The kitten box can be in your small pet's stay or in the room where the kitten is walking. This can help to train the animal. Using a toilet bowl often requires some training. The Moderna kitten box is easy to clean and is available in multiple colors.

Dimensions: 43x30.7x12.2 cm.

User manual: You can fill the Moderna Kitten Box with an absorbent bedding material if you are using it for small animals or with cat litter if you want to use it for a kitten. Usually animals have a preferred place to relieve themselves. It is best to put the kitten box in this place. Reward the animal when it relieves itself on the kitten tray. With one animal it takes longer to learn how to use the kitten box than with another animal.