Livoo retro kettle with thermometer (DOD157) 1,8 litres cherry red

Urban living
€ 39,95
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How cute is that! A retro model kettle that looks like an old whistling kettle. This shiny cherry red kettle is a real asset to your kitchen!

Not only sexy to look at, but also super handy to use. This kettle switches off automatically when the water boils and also has an integrated thermometer on the side. This way you not only see how far the water is, but you can also break down earlier if, for example, you put water for certain types of tea that need a lower temperature. For example, it is better to brew green tea and white tea with water at around 80 degrees.

With the handy cord storage you ensure a tidy countertop and thanks to the 360° swivel base, the cord can also be placed on either side of the kettle, because you simply remove the kettle completely to fill and pour.