Livoo raclette and stone grill set 8 persons (DOC258)

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There is nothing more fun than an evening of gourmet or grilling with friends. With this raclette set you can sit down with eight people and you can choose between stone grilling, grilling or pans or all three options at the same time. No more arguing that one wants one thing and the other wants the other.

The set contains 8 pans, 8 spatulas, a grill stone and a grill plate. The plates offer 23 x 21 cm grilling space and because they are separated the juices and fats do not spill from one zone to the other. Easy to clean because they are removable.

Ideal for a party with friends, but children also love to prepare their own food at the table. Tip for even more fun: pancakes in the pans always work well too!