Jocca massage cushion Shiatsu therapy 24W

€ 26,95
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With this massage pillow, all your worries will disappear like snow in the sun. The pillow contains 4 rotating massage heads that loosen the muscles in, for example, the neck.

You can lie with your head on the pillow, or hang it on the headrest of a chair, to massage the neck. Other body parts, such as shoulders, arms and legs can also be massaged wonderfully with this massage cushion.

Based on oriental shiatsu therapy, this massage tool loosens the muscles, making them less stiff and painful. There is also a heating element included that allows the muscles to relax even more. You can even use it in the car because of the cigarette lighter adapter.

Power: 24W
100-240~50/60Hz 0.6A max
Adapter: 12V; 2A; 24W