Foldable drying rack Sinai 158 x 69.7 x 180 cm

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This drying rack has everything you need: it is 158 cm wide for drying all your clothes; a small rack in the middle for drying socks or underwear; a high rack to dry shirts; and non-slip feet. This rack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The rack is also easy to fold and unfold. This way you can easily store it.

Length of the feet: 85 cm
width of the feet: 62 cm
height of the holder: 101 cm
width of the top of the holder: 65.5 cm
Height of the bottom of the holder: 98 cm
Diameter of the tubes: 19.2 mm; 10.2mm and 8.2mm.
Product size: 158 x 69.7 x 180 cm.