DoaBuy BBQ rectangle 83x85x43 cm black

€ 34,95
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With this open barbecue you are totally ready for the summer! Enjoy the real BBQ taste that charcoal gives. Turn your garden into an outdoor kitchen and enjoy a juicy piece of (veggie) meat or delicious grilled vegetables with family and friends.

This charcoal barbecue is ideal for standing or sitting BBQ with its total height of 86 cm. The two wheels and the handle make it easy to move and yet it stands very firmly. Next to the grill on one side is a handy table where you can also hang your BBQ tools and between the legs is also a larger table. No more juggling your stuff and wondering where to put all your rubs, plates and sauces. This luxury BBQ offers all the space!

The screen at the back allows you to grill out the wind despite it being an open BBQ so you have more control over the temperature. And in the handy notches you can also put your skewers. With this barbecue in your backyard you will be a real grill master!