DoaBuy BBQ half open Ø 51 cm 82x51x51 cm black

€ 39,95
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With this round charcoal BBQ, you grill everything you can think of to perfection. The barbecue has a semi-circular back wall where you can place grids at different heights relative to the coals. This way you can regulate the heat. The large grill has a diameter of 48 centimeters. The second, smaller grill is extra suitable for delicate vegetables and fish. So optimal control!

Under the BBQ is a handy shelf where you can put sauces or the meat to be fried for example. Because it is a closed sheet you can literally put anything on it without it falling through. Nice and easy!

This barbecue stands on four legs, two of which have wheels. He is therefore, through the bracket, simple to move but still always firmly.