About Doabuy

Who are we?

Welcome Home to our online shop! We are DoaBuy, DoaBuy International Trading Company in full, but you can just call us DoaBuy. You haven't heard much about us yet, but that is about to change! We are a young and dynamic company with big plans for the future.

DoaBuy, literally do a bargain, was founded in October 2021 by our "founding fathers" - and "founding mother"-. At that time, the future was laid out for the DoaBuy Welcome Home concept in which we want you to be part of. The ambition and the dream is big, even before the Go Live the DoaTeam consists of more than 20 colleagues and contacts have already been made worldwide. DoaBuy is a retail organisation of today and of the future. Starting in the Netherlands and Belgium, but with the cheeky ambition to quickly and healthily share our DoaWorld with the rest of the world. DoaDream, that's allowed, isn't it?

DoaBuy is different from others. DoaBuy selects its own collections from producers or importers. The articles are then stored in our own DoaWarehouse. Our own DoaWinners take care of the order picking and everything else that needs to be done to get the packages to the shipping company. Eventually, DoaBuy would like to do her own shipping, but Rome wasn't built in one day now was it? For now, our DoaDelivery does the shipping for the larger items. Everything in good time!

When we say we want to keep everything in our own hands, we mean everything. The customer service, socials, marketing, content writing and photography plus some of the shop maintenance is done in-house. No noise, no extra costs.

What do you get out of this? DoaBuy offers very interesting prices! In these expensive times we all appreciate that, don't we? In addition, you always have contact with just one party. DoaBuy is not, and will never become, a reseller who passes customers with questions on to another party. We would not like that ourselves. So if you want to know anything about an item or about DoaBuy, or if you have a concern, please contact our internal customer service! Okay, shipping is not completely in our hands just yet, but we will always do our very best to make and keep our customers happy, you are our DoaKings and DoaQueens!